Is Facetime Available For Android? Know The Answer Behind It!!

The term facetime is becoming really popular these days, as iPhone users can easily make a video call to their friends and family. Just like the term Xerox, Facetime For iPhone is also becoming very common when it comes to making video call. One of the saddest things for all the android users is that, they cannot make use of this wonderful video calling application.

The feature of facetime which is available for android phones can now be easily attained as there are different alternatives available for it. The feature of facetime, which is available for iOS users, allows its users to make a video call to the other end of the user. High quality video chatting is something which is one of the biggest features of iPhone, as one can easily enjoy the feature of video call to his friends.

Understanding The Prominent Highpoints of Facetime APK:

Some of the important highlights of facetime application include the following points,

  • The user only experiences high quality video call, which means that the picture which will appear will be high definition.
  • The user interface of Facetime Apk is extremely easy and expressive which enables even a lay man person to make use of the application, without facing any difficulty.

When it comes to choosing a facetime for android, a wide variety of options are available on Google play store which offers the same functionality and is compatible with android platform. The selection of the best facetime alternative for android users should be done on the basis of different a feature which includes important points like, reliability, features, restrictions and the price of the application.



There is perhaps an ongoing war between modern forms of text and classical literature. Students are tearing away from the old guard and English teachers and librarians think this growing rift of sorts is something to keep them worried. Young people now only read classical texts when it becomes an academic requirement and sometimes teachers have to force them to take these texts seriously. While classical literature perhaps have significant attributes that make them important to a teen's education, are teachers fighting a lost battle? Should teachers continue their attempt to make teens embrace classic literature or should teachers succumb to the call of the new technological age that has changed the way teens consume information.

One significant difference between classic literature and modern text is the language. For teens, modern texts are easily relatable are written in language that they speak and write with. Classic literature are written in archaic language forms that are barely relevant in modern communication. Asides this, they are difficult to comprehend and may require extra efforts to follow through the plots. However, teachers argue that such texts can help improve teens' self-discipline. This may be true but teens can as well learn self-discipline from other places especially other fields that are directly useful in the twentieth century. An example of this Computer Programming. What teachers and librarians cannot hold onto is that teens do not read. Publishers send out about two hundred thousand books yearly and if nobody reads them, these publishers would not publish as much any longer or they would go out of business. Adaptations of medieval literature, written in modern English has also attained much success.

Similarly, modern literature like Harry Potter, which turned its writer into a billionaire, have shown that literature when written well and in modern language can achieve similar success that classic literature. One thing that cannot be taken away from some of these classic texts are the depth of their stories which provide insightful lessons that can guide today's decision making especially in critical situations. for teens from today quickly fleeting experiences and connect with the world in a different way

Spanish Philosopher

According to Spanish philosopher, George Santayana, those who do not remember the past are doomed to repeat. In a more common language, those who fail to learn from history are bound to repeat it.

Medieval Literature

Medieval literature, whether fictional or non-fictional document scenarios in history that may prove very relevant in modern scenarios. The illustrious Achilles' adventure in the decade-long Trojan war provides a lot of lessons for American generals.

Art of War

Sun Tzu's Art of War has become a renowned text that today's businessmen and politicians continue to learn from. Similarly, the Richest Man in Babylon can help today's youth learn about financial management in its simplest and most understandable form.

Literature Consumption

If English teachers and librarians want more students to learn about plots set before the twentieth century, they can encourage adaptation of such literature to fit modern modes of literature consumption.

Iambic Pentameter

However, the beauty of iambic pentameter as well as other medieval literature tools should not be overlooked. The few people who are able to connect with them extol their virtues and feel a deep sense of connection.

Classic Literature

A bond between classic literature and modern bite-sized information could provide a common ground for teens to enjoy great plots. However, classic literature in their original forms can provide an escape.


Are you finding it difficult to decide what school to choose for your radiology programme? Here are a list of things you should consider when looking for the right radiology school for you.



Location And Schedule

What lengths will you go to complete a radiology programme? You have to consider how far you are willing to travel and how flexible you are with your schedule to enable you choose the kind of school you will send your application. You may also have to consider the cost of travelling and/or cost of residing in the new location overtime. When you have made these salient decisions, it would help you narrow your choices to schools that work within your budget and schedule.


Schools get different accreditations and you must know what kind of accreditation the schools you are looking for have. Schools can have accreditation from state, regional, national or an authoritative body. The kind of certification you are looking to get can help you decide which accreditation the school you want to attend must have. Similarly, the place you intend using the certification after completing your program can influence your decisions. If your state or general job requirements in your state do not require certain licensing standards, you may apply to schools without such accreditation, but otherwise, you need to confirm that your school choice is duly accredited. Certain certifications as the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or ARDMS will required that you take a program that is accredited by Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JCERT). When this is the case, you can head to the JCERT website to search for the accredited institutions that fit your choice.

Different Accreditations

Schools get different accreditations and you must know

School You Want to Go

Decide the best what school to choose for your radiology programme

Radiologic Technologists

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)

Request For Their Programs Details And Compare

You should request information from the schools you will be sending your applications. You should have a list of things you think the school you want to attend must have or offer. This will help you make choices or ask the right questions when speaking to a school's representatives. You should check for the time classes would start, the cost of books for the programs, job placements, requirements and so on. Different schools have different packages and taking time out to checkout which ones suit your plan is important while choosing your radiology school. This helps avoid unforeseen expenses.

What Type Of Certification They Offer

If you are applying for a job, you should check the type of certifications and licenses they require. Else, several companies just follow the state or country standards. It is advised that you apply to schools that are accredited by both ARRT and JRCERT. For you to be certified with ARRT, you would need to pass a certification exam after completing your radiology degree.
To become licensed, you will need to apply for it via your state. Find out more information about obtaining certifications and licenses based on your state.

What Facilities You Have Access To

You should examine the facilities some of these schools. These would help decide if they have the right tools to make you proficient at your chosen study. You may also compare the qualifications of their tutors to gain more insight into the quality of the school. Do not be in haste to decide which school you would be running your programme. This might be a career defining decision and you should endeavour to make the best choices for yourself. ARRT certified counterparts-Radiologic Technologists have higher salaries than Radiology Technicians

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