How to use Twitter to Market your online Business

Business requires more traffic on website. Lesser traffic indicates business impacting. So as a business owner, one needs increase in web traffic. The key to generate profitable business online is by generating prospective clients. With the advent of social networking websites, Internet business has gained boom as now marketing your website has become lot easier by using such social networking website. Twitter is one such social networking platform which could be used effectively to generate traffic on your Website.

Traffic is the lifeblood of a business website. No visitors. No business. So as a small business owner, you want tons of website traffic, right? Not necessarily. The key to having a successful and profitable online presence is not to generate loads of random visitors. Instead, savvy marketers strive to generate traffic from a well-defined target market. Using Twitter will help you do just that. Here are five simple steps by which you can effectively increase traffic for your business.

Build a Twitter Profile for Promotions

The key to building a business is by spreading a word. Build a professional profile on Twitter and post tweets about your Business regularly. On Twitter, you can share lots of things like Pictures, Videos, Blog Posts and Updates. One can also post personal updates or tweets about Business activities, promotions, sales and discounts. An interesting profile is always followed well on Twitter.

Twitter Etiquettes

One key thing about handling Twitter account is to understand the do’s and don’ts of it. Understanding these points will help you get genuine followers on Twitter, which in-turn will help increase traffic on your website and promote your business. Important Don’t include avoid posting spams and excessive tweets in every 5 minutes. Also you need to ensure that you answer to all the comments and engage in open conversations with your followers while staying active on Twitter.

Drive Followers

On Twitter, you need to adapt a business strategy to drive followers to your webs site. Using “Twitter Advertising” is one such way. Twitter is also known as a “Click Media” which can help market products by advertising. As you start promoting your brand/product using Twitter, more number of people will soon start following your Twitter profile. Although you need to pay money for advertising but it is always considered to be a good investment because this will generate a Global presence of your Product. Another good way to drive more followers is by tweeting with including URL of your website in your tweets. This will help visitors landing on your webpage or blog entry.

Tweet Quality Content

Post relevant content for the readers so that they could feel engage to your tweets. Baseless and irrelevant content soon losses followers on Twitter. Instead of sharing copied content, try sharing high quality content from trusted sources. Another good way is to post original and authentic tweets. Whether it is a blog post, new articles, web post or new content, relevant articles are always in demand on Twitter. 

If you understand above points and use Twitter effectively, it will certainly help promote your business in better ways.


Are you finding it difficult to decide what school to choose for your radiology programme? Here are a list of things you should consider when looking for the right radiology school for you.



Location And Schedule

What lengths will you go to complete a radiology programme? You have to consider how far you are willing to travel and how flexible you are with your schedule to enable you choose the kind of school you will send your application. You may also have to consider the cost of travelling and/or cost of residing in the new location overtime. When you have made these salient decisions, it would help you narrow your choices to schools that work within your budget and schedule.


Schools get different accreditations and you must know what kind of accreditation the schools you are looking for have. Schools can have accreditation from state, regional, national or an authoritative body. The kind of certification you are looking to get can help you decide which accreditation the school you want to attend must have. Similarly, the place you intend using the certification after completing your program can influence your decisions. If your state or general job requirements in your state do not require certain licensing standards, you may apply to schools without such accreditation, but otherwise, you need to confirm that your school choice is duly accredited. Certain certifications as the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or ARDMS will required that you take a program that is accredited by Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JCERT). When this is the case, you can head to the JCERT website to search for the accredited institutions that fit your choice.

Different Accreditations

Schools get different accreditations and you must know

School You Want to Go

Decide the best what school to choose for your radiology programme

Radiologic Technologists

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)

Request For Their Programs Details And Compare

You should request information from the schools you will be sending your applications. You should have a list of things you think the school you want to attend must have or offer. This will help you make choices or ask the right questions when speaking to a school's representatives. You should check for the time classes would start, the cost of books for the programs, job placements, requirements and so on. Different schools have different packages and taking time out to checkout which ones suit your plan is important while choosing your radiology school. This helps avoid unforeseen expenses.

What Type Of Certification They Offer

If you are applying for a job, you should check the type of certifications and licenses they require. Else, several companies just follow the state or country standards. It is advised that you apply to schools that are accredited by both ARRT and JRCERT. For you to be certified with ARRT, you would need to pass a certification exam after completing your radiology degree.
To become licensed, you will need to apply for it via your state. Find out more information about obtaining certifications and licenses based on your state.

What Facilities You Have Access To

You should examine the facilities some of these schools. These would help decide if they have the right tools to make you proficient at your chosen study. You may also compare the qualifications of their tutors to gain more insight into the quality of the school. Do not be in haste to decide which school you would be running your programme. This might be a career defining decision and you should endeavour to make the best choices for yourself. ARRT certified counterparts-Radiologic Technologists have higher salaries than Radiology Technicians

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