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Human heart thrives on romance. No matter how old we get, the feeling of love and companionship is something that we always long for. Enjoy movies on Official Showbox Website, our movies have also made an attempt to recreate the romance on screen and most of them have also successfully managed to capture the essence of romance so much so that these movies have occupied a special place in our hearts. So if you are also among those who still believe in the old school romance in this generation of tinder, then we have handpicked the top 5 romantic movies of recent times that you can binge on this weekend on Showbox.

1. La la land (2016) - Apart from the Oscar fiasco, there are other reasons to remember this film as well. For those romantics who also have an affair with music, this movie is a perfect weekend watch as the musical backdrop of the film blends subtly with the captivating story of Mia and Sebastian. The movie narrates the story of two people, an aspiring actress and a struggling pianist who fall in love with each other while giving directions to their respective careers.

2. Pride and prejudice (2005) - We bet that all the romantics must have read this book by JaneAusten. Well, this movie gives a face to Lizzy and Mr.Darcy! The plot of the movie revolves Elizabeth bennet and the emotional changes that she goes through as she defends her sister, protects her family’s honor and discovers love.

3. The notebook (2004) -Well we can’t help as some novels are so beautifully adapted to make such wonderful movies. The movie restores our faith in old school romance and love as we see the young couple Noah and Allie falling in love, separating and again falling in love only to be with each other for the rest of their life in a way that even death could not part them.

4. Walk the line (2005) -The legendary biopic of the man himself, Johnny cash should definitely be on your bucket list for the simple reason that it offers the blend of Johnny cash’s country music and takes you through the romantic side of the legend. The movie narrates the story of Johnny cash who falls in love with June carter and their journey to find happiness which is not a bed of roses. In Netflix also these type of movies are available. It is also available free.

5. The fault in our stars (2014) -Yet another beautiful adaptation of a novel, this movie discovers the journey of two cancer patients who fall in love with each other and offer each other the comfort and support that cannot be traded for anything in the world. The movie is a tragic romantic story that is bound to give you shivers down the spine.

So, grab your pajamas and a cuppa coffee and snuggle up with your partner to rediscover love on showbox.


Are you finding it difficult to decide what school to choose for your radiology programme? Here are a list of things you should consider when looking for the right radiology school for you.



Location And Schedule

What lengths will you go to complete a radiology programme? You have to consider how far you are willing to travel and how flexible you are with your schedule to enable you choose the kind of school you will send your application. You may also have to consider the cost of travelling and/or cost of residing in the new location overtime. When you have made these salient decisions, it would help you narrow your choices to schools that work within your budget and schedule.


Schools get different accreditations and you must know what kind of accreditation the schools you are looking for have. Schools can have accreditation from state, regional, national or an authoritative body. The kind of certification you are looking to get can help you decide which accreditation the school you want to attend must have. Similarly, the place you intend using the certification after completing your program can influence your decisions. If your state or general job requirements in your state do not require certain licensing standards, you may apply to schools without such accreditation, but otherwise, you need to confirm that your school choice is duly accredited. Certain certifications as the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) or ARDMS will required that you take a program that is accredited by Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JCERT). When this is the case, you can head to the JCERT website to search for the accredited institutions that fit your choice.

Different Accreditations

Schools get different accreditations and you must know

School You Want to Go

Decide the best what school to choose for your radiology programme

Radiologic Technologists

The American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT)

Request For Their Programs Details And Compare

You should request information from the schools you will be sending your applications. You should have a list of things you think the school you want to attend must have or offer. This will help you make choices or ask the right questions when speaking to a school's representatives. You should check for the time classes would start, the cost of books for the programs, job placements, requirements and so on. Different schools have different packages and taking time out to checkout which ones suit your plan is important while choosing your radiology school. This helps avoid unforeseen expenses.

What Type Of Certification They Offer

If you are applying for a job, you should check the type of certifications and licenses they require. Else, several companies just follow the state or country standards. It is advised that you apply to schools that are accredited by both ARRT and JRCERT. For you to be certified with ARRT, you would need to pass a certification exam after completing your radiology degree.
To become licensed, you will need to apply for it via your state. Find out more information about obtaining certifications and licenses based on your state.

What Facilities You Have Access To

You should examine the facilities some of these schools. These would help decide if they have the right tools to make you proficient at your chosen study. You may also compare the qualifications of their tutors to gain more insight into the quality of the school. Do not be in haste to decide which school you would be running your programme. This might be a career defining decision and you should endeavour to make the best choices for yourself. ARRT certified counterparts-Radiologic Technologists have higher salaries than Radiology Technicians

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